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Microwave Oven Maintenance
Oven Inside Cleaning

While cleaning a fridge inside we empty shelves and fruit and vegetables containers to properly delete sticky stains, crumbs, and fingerprints, pull out shelves and glass cover  if necessary to wipe down fridge walls and grooves.

This service includes as well bottom part under containers, door shelves and frame.

After completion of cleaning the fridge every piece of food and containers will be returned onto their normal places in the fridge.

Then our cleaning person proceeds dusting, wiping down, and polishing the fridge outside from top to bottom.

We remove stains and fingerprints from outside the fridge, check and thoroughly clean fridge handles, use special technique to polish stainless steel fridges.

Cleaning staff takes care of vent grating underneath the fridge, the floor under the grating, and slots between the fridge and walls.

Brand New Kitchen
Fridge Inside Cleaning

Our priority is to use appropriate cleaning supplies and tools for any color and material of client’s cabinets whether they are white, gray, black or brown ones.

We move utensils back and forth, pull out drawers if needed, clean cabinet doors inside and out, check drawers rails and sides, take care and wipe down garbage shelves inside.

If you have glass cabinets we wipe down and polish both sides of them.

White Grey Kitchen
Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets Inside

After this service you will be satisfied with the fact that every garment and pair of shoes are placed in the most convenient order to keep easily your closet organized.

Our well-trained cleaning person sorts out seasonal clothing and shoes, dry cleaning and laundry, hats, handbags, scarves and ties which will save you time to find them quickly.

Well Organized Closet
Closets Organized

Since there are usually a lot of windows with narrow blinds in houses, which requires sufficient cleaning time, it would be better if a client set special day with our staff to take care of them.

Narrow Blinds

This service is seasonal during winter time when owners want to use their fireplace and sit down near cosy flame. It includes removing and cleaning pieces of burned
wood and ashes.

Modern Fireplace
Fireplace Cleaning

This service includes not only laundry folding but sorting out sheets and kids’, male and female pieces of clothing  from each other.

Every pair of socks, T-shirts (men’s separately from women’s) and sheets will be accurately folded and put into proper drawer of your dresser.

Folding Ironed Clothes
Fold Laundry

EXTRA Services

By a special request of a client cleaning inside oven will be performed. 

To get ready for this service home owner needs to discuss the date upfront with a cleaning  person, because oven cleaning requires certain preparations in advance for both parties a client and a cleaning personnel .

Prior oven cleaning the owner should pull grates out of the oven and turn on self cleaning setting to burn all grime and dirt inside of it till ashes. Usually it takes 2-4 hours to completely burn everything inside the oven.

Then the customer should let the oven cool down for couple of hours.

The client does not need to worry about the grates as well since we clean both inside the oven and grates.

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