In order to slow down the process of mold and mildew spreading over your shower just keep the shower door opened every time after taking a shower.

If you don't want your kettle be covered with greasy stains while you are fixing food on the stove top put the kettle on the countertop out of the stove. You can always put it back on the stove after you've finished cooking.

It's very easy to maintain your microwave cleaned inside if you get special plastic cap and cover with it plate to microwave your dish.

If you're thinking about having a cat we would rather recommend you to choose Hot Litter Boxes Tidy Cats. Even if we are not the ultimate experts, but this kit has outstanding odor control: disposable cat pads absorb and control urine odor. Pellets have optimal size not to penetrate through mat holes and to pick them up from any kind of floors and from the mat, so it is easier for our cleaning team to maintain cleanliness in the area around cat's litter box.

People who have a cat know their pet vomits frequently, leaving spots and stains on carpets.
You can easily remove those stains with hydrogen peroxide.
Spill hydrogen peroxide on the spot and wipe it down thoroughly with a paper towel until it
starts discoloring and getting almost dry.

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