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About us

T.T.Cleaning was established in 2011.
From the very beginning, special emphasis was placed on the quality of cleaning services.
Combining both European Standards of cleanliness and the American Golden Rules of cleaning, the highest possible level of credibility with crystal clear honesty and steady dependability helped the company to create stable clientele with long-term relationships.

Attention to clients’ wants and needs, ability to exceed customers’ expectations, choosing propercleaning supplies, tools, and equipment, attention to details, high quality of services are basic values on which the company thrives.


Cleaned Homes


Happy Clients


Years in Business

The company has launched franchising of its business. Our high-demanded client-oriented technology has revolutionized the cleaning industry!

We are now offering in limited markets an opportunity for qualified individuals seeking a low-cost start-up of their cleaning business!

The cleaning industry market continues to explode in an underserved market with 80% of households to use residential cleaning services within the next few years with growth of more than 6% annually, according to the US Department of Commerce.

Markets are going fast, so if you want to work for yourself and partner with our brand to create your own business you’ll take control of your life and time. You’ll always have daytime business hours, free weekends and holidays to spend more quality time with your love ones. You can attract other family members to participate in your endeavor that makes your business stronger and more reliable. You don’t need to waste money to rent an office since cleaning business is home-based.

We are serving thousands of households annually and clients want us to proceed cleaning their houses due to our top-notch quality, affordable quotes and friendly attitude. With us you will learn how to keep your customers satisfied for a long time and because of that have steady growing income. Our customer retention is that low as 10% comparing to the industry average 50%

You do not need to be a cleaning professional from the start (we train), but you should love to clean and have high personal standards of cleanliness. Also this profession requires to be diligent, detail-oriented and motivated by excellent result.

About us

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